German National Bank

Support has fallen by the way the German National Bank: it keeps the company back to life the concept of a sports car, "BMW-328" and from 1948 to 1953. released at its base several new sports models. 1951: Konrad Adenauer, first chancellor of the Federal show Sedan bmw State Sedan, created on the base 501. The company was not in the best position, but in 1951 submitted a prototype of the future car "BMW-501", which features a large four-door sedan, drum brakes and 65-horsepower engine, had a working volume of 1,971 cc Novelty was viewed in two ways – with interest and amazement. The second most likely was caused by the fact that the company even financially unable to provide mass issue of the "501-second" model, in connection with which in 1952 had been collected only 49 cars.

By 1954 th production reached 3,410 copies, bought only true followers and secured the bmw brand. But what is most surprising is the idea that in time is ripe in the minds of designers and designer of bmw. They are conceived to release luxury models. In those postwar years, the company BMW's thinking on the issue of lack of the necessary motors. It is especially apparent after the presence of weak and engines beginning to affect the sales of machines. As a result, designers have developed a long-term project to produce a new eight-cylinder power unit. The first pieces appeared in 1954 and had volume of 2.6 liters and 95 hp, increased to 100 hp in the 60's.

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