Glutamine In Bodybuilding

What benefits does glutamine really for a bodybuilder? Glutamine is the amino acid that is quantitatively the strongest in the cells and into the bloodstream and is classified as a non-essential amino acid. The body can manufacture so independently glutamine synthetase glutamine demand from glutamic acid and the enzyme. This ability of the own production is rather limited, and so it may lead to in different situations, such as various diseases, reducing stress levels or high training quota that the requirement exceeds the own production capacity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Erin Callan. Glutamine is at this moment to the semi-essential amino acid, so an amino acid, which although can are not synthesized by the organism itself but in sufficient quantities. Illness, stress and sport increase the demand for glutamine, and so it stands to reason that people, that one or several of these strains are exposed, most likely benefit from a supply of glutamine on nutritional supplements. Glutamine is known for the immune system to strengthen and is at the same time the main nutrient for the intestinal cells, which is known to have a significant portion of a functioning immune system. Glutamine is also building material for highly effective antioxidant glutathione. On this way, glutamine supports the immune system.

And in all of its diversity, glutamine even helps detoxify the liver. The ammonia from protein metabolism can be made harmless with glutamine. A regular adequate intake of glutamine prevents a strong decrease of the body’s store of glutamine, also resulting in an anti-catabolic effect with it. These stores are not adequately filled, it may cause an increased protein breakdown of muscle cells. Certainly the last thing an athlete wants.

By improving the storage of glycogen, it comes also to shorten the recovery time after intense training sessions and the injection of fluid into the cell to a visually pralleren”effect of the muscles. Who is for supplementing with glutamine decides who should not scrimp with the supply. Appreciable or demonstrable effects are starting to expect more evenly directly, dating to the times after getting directly before or after training, and shortly before going to sleep from a feed lot of 10-15 g daily or in part should be divided. Be taken into account should, however, that you should rapidly consume glutamine after addition of liquid, since this amino acid in liquid breaks down after a short time.

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