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You can find a free option for users with fewer requirements and a pay version that gives us interesting features; one of them is from the Web editor and also the possibility of incorporating an API on our website so that other users have a video online editor. * WebNode is an interesting application, gives us the possibility of creating a free website with languages HTML and tables free way to CSS to change using your extension. They leave a lot of templates for the Web and we can have a website in a matter of minutes. We need to know that this system will be almost impossible to position it with freedom. * Pixlr is a popular photo editing tool.

We will find it in English and its use is free. We can use familiar tools to edit our photos of fashion-online with the possibility to share them on social networks. -Marketing: * ZohoCRM is a well-known technology SME application very useful to start with an SME. It is a CRM dedicated to e-mail and chat. Perhaps check out Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance for more information. The price ranges depending on who the will be used at the same time; their prices are free for three people, for the version Professional is priced at 9 a month and the Enterprise version costs 19 monthly.

* Infusionsoft is a CRM with ecommerce, email marketing and affiliate module. It has several versions and prices, ranging from the free with a user, 250 emails and up to 500 contacts, to the more professional version dedicated to two users, 500,000 emails per month and 200,000 contacts by a 400 a month price. * HeapCRM is an application dedicated to the microPYME. It has interesting options such as: an intuitive automation, calendars or work area. We can try it for 30 days and pay later 6 per month.Productivity * Google Apps is the blockbuster Toolkit by regular users of the Internet. Its price is 40 per year and we found it in a variety of languages. With these tools we will have email and Office applications in the cloud. * has a Professional suite of Office applications for entrepreneurs. Your price is 11 month version Basic and the Pluss found 34 per month. * Time Bridge is a manager that also gives us a follow-up time, scheduling calendars and distribution. Very useful to organize our tasks. We can see a free version, a version called Plus 10 per month and a more professional version that we get in touch with officials from the Web. -Finance: * Mint is a tool to make budget. It is very useful since when we started in a company we give stressing tight customer and us. This tool is free and we find it in English. * Toggl is a tool to be tracked in real time on our meetings or daily tasks. We can enjoy this on our iPhone and Internet tool. Their prices vary by the number of people who use them: If we use 5 people will be free, and up to 40 members who will be priced at 75 a month. -These tools are very useful and practical to begin. All are adapted to our needs and can give us quick and fruitful way to solutions. It is important to choose which best suits our business and exploit it to get a good juice. If you opt for a set of these applications we can provide service more quickly and therefore will enhance us as a company.

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