Government Year

The State registered until June a deficit of 24,132 million Euros in terms of national accounting, which is equivalent to a 2.21% of the GIP, according to the advance of the data of budgetary execution that has presented/displayed today the Secretary of State of Property and Budgets, Juan Manuel Lopez Carbajo. The accumulated negative balance by the state accounts during the six first months of the year is inferior in 5.637 million Euros to the registered one in the same period of 2010, which implies a reduction of 18.9%. The June data confirms the slowing down in the correction of the deficit, since this percentage is very far from the registered ones in the starting of the year, of until 50%, and it has been placed below the one of May, that was of 25%. Source of the news: : The Government is conceited to channel the deficit and requests joint responsibility.

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