Hake And Eels

Hake is a CESDP not too expensive and the dishes you can cook it works exceptionally well as a hake with clams and hake with barbels and eels that now we are going to show. Even if the budget fails eels can be changed by guides and a plate will be very good but cheaper. Ingredients for Hake with Cocochas and angle: one kilo and a half hake. Just over one quarter liter of olive oil. 2 cloves of garlic. 1 / 2 l.

fish stock. 200 gr. of barbels. 100 gr. of eels. 3 potatoes.

Parsley. 1 / 2 l. of cream. White pepper. Salt, to taste. Pinch of agar-agar (a substance extracted industrially from a variety of seaweed, sold in delicatessens). Hake started cleaning and cutting the head and 5 inches of tail. Limpiamoss four flaps, removing the bones and skin. With the skin, bones, head and tail, make a two dl gelatin in oil, gold and will include a clove of garlic fillet, following the same method with cod linked (also called pil-pil). Pour into a the remaining oil pan, with the other garlic clove, crushed and put it on fire. When the garlic begins to brown, add the seasoned hake fillets, the fish broth and agar-agar. We remove the pan a bit and incorporate the cream and half deciliter of gelatin, barbels and potatoes, previously lightly browned and sliced into eighths and elvers or baby eels, according to budget. Then let them simmer five minutes and enjoy.

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