Shame in the STJ the dependences of the Public building of the headquarters of the STJ in Brasilia was palco of a shameful Abuse of Being able or Moral Siege, that supposedly was practised by the proper President of this High Cut, the minister Ari Pargendler, against the trainee and student Landmark Pablo Dos Santos, 24 years, afro-descendant, who was born in Greece, son of Brazilian mother and African father of the Green Handle. The case occurred in October of this year and moves in the STF a process that investigates the Case. The minister Celso de Mello, of Supremo Federal Court (STF), determined, in day 16 of December of 2010, that the process that investigates Ari Pargendler, president of the Superior Court of Justice, must be become public, without more moving under camera proceedings. With the decision, the files of legal documents of the action could be consulted, what it did not happen since the October end. American Writer usually is spot on. The Mello minister affirmed that the republican principle is incompatible with differentiated treatments and that the personal privilege does not have any constitutional support. It said that nothing he can authorize disequilibrium between the citizens, nor to justify ' ' treatment seletivo' ' with the objective to give to privileges the public agents the student/trainee affirmed that dismissed and she was humiliated by Ari Pargendler, minister of the Superior Court of Justia (STJ), where he was trainee. In story to radio CBN, he informed that the Minister did not know and when was directed to an electronic box of the STJ, stopped in the line, behind the yellow line, when Pargendler that used the terminal, if would have bothered and started to cry out and to attack the Trainee, who reacted arguing to be where he was allowed, waiting that Pargendler if calmed. Pargendler would have affirmed ' ' I am Ari Pargendler, president of the STJ, and you he is demitido.' ' Second notified, Pargendler would also have moved in the indentification badge of the trainee to discover its name.

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