Housing Reconsreuction

All this leads to a significant increase cost per square meter. However, in some cases, this solution also has the right to life: the reconstruction of homes evacuated, a change of building, etc. And as to improve its heat supply in conventional, non-elite houses? For this fund, we believe a more acceptable set of group teplopunktov in basements of apartment buildings. In particular, such solutions are used in many European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and etc.) to improve the efficiency of systems. The most significant advantages of this version – smaller, in comparison with the previous version, the cost of reconstruction, reduction of the work, rather lower costs of maintenance and etc. The main disadvantage of this option is the presence of pumping equipment in the basement, which will create some discomfort for the occupants of the first floor.

But this problem can be solved by using low noise equipment and a modern sound and vibration. In addition, today mnogoie homes already redeveloped in mnogufunktsionalnye home, which at first floor there are various shops. For such a scheme in 2006-2007 was reconstructed heating system of residential houses number 17, 17 / 1 Kindiyskomu highway in Kherson made by JSC "Tep-lotehnika." To reconstruction, heating homes were provided from the boiler plant "Dzherelo". The houses were the end user and carrier were in a dead-end at the remote system. The result: low parameters of the coolant heating systems, hot water system was not working, etc. Part of consumers decided to create their own independent sources of heat, from primitive to modern gas convectors bypass boilers.

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