How Much Is The Registration Of A Trademark ?

Without the trademark (also known brand) modern business is impossible! When a company comes to the leadership of this obvious idea, the question inevitably arises: ‘How much is the registration trademark? ” Find the answer to this question in the average charge of a staff lawyer or a pr Manager. However, without knowledge of the trademark registration process to respond even to such a simple matter nor a lawyer, let alone relations manager can not. Let’s start with the fact that the trademarks are different in type and there are verbal, visual and combined. Verbal consist only of words, visual (often called graphic) represent the image, while the combined marks and contain an image and words. Combined trade marks are more expensive in the preliminary search. Has a value and chroma trademark.

Registration of the trademark color is a bit expensive. You also need to set a valid trademark registration. The standard period is about one and a half years. You can register and faster, but it will cost a bit more expensive, while the cost of acceleration will depend on the type of trademark. Matters and how much the owners will have the trademark. If he is registered to one owner – the cost alone, If the owners want to be just two individuals or legal entities, the cost will be higher. Oh, and most importantly, the cost of registering a trademark depends on the number of classes of the International Classification of Goods and the services you select. Difficult? Yes, to calculate the cost of registering a trademark is not easy, but the Patent Agency Dmitry specifically to facilitate this process has created a calculator that allows for a few seconds you will be able to calculate the cost of registering your trademark.

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