How Much Money You Need For Happiness ?

Theme money worries many people. What is the impact on our lives have money? How much you need money to be happy? Surprisingly, the availability of money does not necessarily indicate happiness in your life. Let us today We will understand – what do we mean by the word "money"? What thoughts, obrazyvoznikayut you with the word "money"? We were very surprised at meeting with people who differ from us in relation to money, particularly in relation to spending their money. Some of us are frugal, some – are wasteful. So we're used to, so we brought up, so it is accepted relates to money in our immediate environment, as imposed on us by society or religion.

In this regard, our colleagues, partners in business or husbands and wives are often different from us. And this difference is often substantial and very painful. For example, if the "spenders" marry "thrifty", it leads to family conflicts and may even cause a divorce, mainly because of the fact that these things are not discussed (not blurts) between them. Let's think about how and when shaping our attitude towards money? It formed a long time under influenced by several factors: a child – what and how the money talked and thought our parents. Very strong impact on our financial habits had at one time the financial position (position) of our parents. Remember Do you have enough money in my childhood? Spoiled if your parents? We obtained the position of education and the media is also extremely strong impact on our image of "money", we automatically adjusts generally accepted in the society views on personal finances, tried to be "like everyone else and not stand out" from the collective, "How often and with whom you compare yourself? With respect to his earnings, prestige car, suburban real estate? This is a very powerful factor that is constantly working on the formation of our "money" stereotypes Thus, we find that our attitude to money has been formed, mostly by our upbringing and environment, and not by us themselves.

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