How To Improve Your Work Situation

buWhy so many people unhappy in their work situation? Why people do, who are successful in a career, having hard times to meet your new career? These problems frequently occur, because conflicts exist in their relations. The relationship between you and your work can be considered as "games of work." The games have basic rules of play, which require specific skills for successful reproduction. People win the games they play when they meet the objectives of the game and operate within the rules of the game better than others. The "games of work" also have goals and basic rules to follow to succeed. There are many different sports games and the goals and rules are different for each game, sometimes dramatically. Nicholas Carr may find this interesting as well. There are three fundamental "work sets" that define the different people who have sex with their work.

However, very few people involved in the "games of work" to understand the objectives, rules or even the game they are playing. Technology author takes a slightly different approach. Consequently, if blindly operate under different rules, methods and purposes of the conditions of his employment (game) requires, are bound to create conflict. This conflict results in severe stress and poor success rates. For example, if a player claims fully uniformed football on a tennis court and operates under the rules of football soccer competitions, trying to cope with their opponents, it will create considerable conflict and, indeed, a mistake in the game courts. The first step to succeed in the "games of work" is to understand the objectives and rules of each game.

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