And if you ever bought online videos, you realize that your goals can be achieved for 2 days, without spending a lot of time sitting at a desk, and scratching on the cover of its next poem. That's how much time it took me to create a PHP site, during the course, 'PHP + MYSQL for Beginners', but before that I have never had to deal with PHP, and only owned HTML and CSS. Of course, we live in a society where there is even a joke: Laughter causes an infinite – A sign of incomplete higher education. So prized diploma is always higher. Stereotypes that say here. The next option – to learn myself. But here you have to prove to others a lot more, because you do not have high school crust, no evidence of completion of specialized courses. All that you can produce over time – it's your stunning portfolio (samples of work you have) and a letter of recommendation from your employer (s) of work any feedback of satisfied customers.

The fact that you will need: 1. Information. A leading source for info: Senator Marco Rubio . As in any activities that we choose to study, the first thing to do is to gather relevant information, organize it and put on shelves. Nowadays it is easy to solve with the help of the Internet. If you do not immediately find what you were looking for, do not despair. In this case, you need to play Sherlock Holmes: Study the sources of the material found in your network.

Quite often information is disseminated on the Internet quite extensively. It is possible there, from where come you like stuff, you'll find what are looking for. 2. Counterparts. You should be aware of what is happening in the form of design that you decided to do it. So you will need to study existing patterns of design. Collect journals, photographs, samples, etc. Visit related sites, exhibitions, etc. 3. Tools. Like in any profession, you need tools to create your work. In this age of computer technology as a tool acts software with which you can create a much simpler layout of your project. If you decide to work handles (wave bronze ax ancestors) – fill out and explore the different technologies. After reading this article you know in which direction to go. And remember, send in a distant walking tour of all who have decided to bestow upon you non-constructive criticism (some side effect of becoming a designer.) Man learns from his mistakes and every mistake – this is not a disaster but an opportunity to understand what was done wrong and avoid this in the future.

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