In Colombiatex

Colombiatex of the Americas is the textile but important fair in Latin America that is realised in Medellin, Colombia every year and approaches the new challenges and new horizons. The functionality in the consumptions and the textiles emerges as a line of growth and constitutes in the factor differentiator. Colombiatex of Americas 2011 has gained a position privileged in the industralists of the textile sector, preparation, design and fashion and in his twenty second version is the forced appointment to begin with right foot the week calendar of the businesses of Latin America. In Colombiatex of Americas 2011 the pulse will be taken from the businesses in the Continent, for that reason it is the space for national and international buyers. Why to attend like buyer Colombiatex of Americas 2011? 1. Because it has demonstrated year after year that is a space of businesses, contacts and alliances In its 23 years, Colombiatex of the Americas has demonstrated to be an excellent scene of businesses, in which the supply and the demand around the textiles, consumptions for the productive preparation, footwear and leather shop and processes, can be; and in that the vanguard and the launchings of new products mark tendencia.fotos of models.

2. By the support of Inexmoda and a new form to make businesses All the buyers count on the gratuitous support of Inexmoda in the construction of their agenda of appointments and have the possibility of counting without no cost with facilitators of bilingual businesses that will be ready preparations and to help them, to support them, to translate to them and to generally attend them in their appointments and the Fair. It remembers that in stand of Inexmoda, located in the access to the White Pavilion, we are kind and preparations to collaborate and to advise it in all restlessness.

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