Inner Lattice

By the way, if the lattice, painted in the usual way, over time, yet deliver the rust, then it is easy handle domestic rust converter, sold in any hardware store. But still, to the lattice longer looked like new, try to treat them carefully, not pound on them with a hammer, and from time to time check, not whether the paint was peeling. Where to put something? On any firm offers two mounting options reshetok.1 acceptable. At the ends of the window opening (outside of the frame or between frames) .2. Vnakladku on the window opening. Selection method depends on the willingness of the customer, but the installation must take into account, to which the walls of the lattice will be attached. Our advice: When installing the lattice vnakladku its size should be larger than the window opening, for example, your home – from wooden beams.

If the lattice is set vnakladku, then through the entire thickness of the walls of drilled holes for the through-bolts, which will keep the bars. Protruding from the inner side of the room ends of the bolts are tightened nuts. And if you are installing the lattice in the window opening in a wooden house to its frame welded to the special lugs with holes. Through them the screws with a diameter of 8-12 mm and a length of 100 mm grating is attached to the ends of the window opening. If the house is brick, the installation process is different. Installation of doing so: in a layer of cement between the bricks hammer drill hole diameter of 16 mm to a depth of about 120 mm (usually 2-3 on each side and 1-2 on top and bottom window opening).

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