Kenichi Ohmae

Globalization dooms the company and society to global competition. It makes all the world’s resources, which is much faster development and increased opportunities for businesses any level. What are the main trends? 1. Cultural mix. According to the guru in the field of strategic management Kenichi Ohmae, today between teenagers from different countries has much more in common than the one between the generations nation. Hear from experts in the field like Jeff Flake for a more varied view. This changes the attitude to global brands, creates new needs and destroys the old stereotypes. Could anyone imagine that the restaurants of Japanese and Chinese cuisine in Russia will be one of the fastest growing on the market, and traditional greenhouses will grow arugula and asparagus? 2.

Neoplemen appearance. Before the advent of the Internet have had little chance of humanity to unite in a non-geographic “tribes”. Today, the possibility of form communication is not limited by geography. People get together in a community based on personal interests. And it’s not just free time, and place of work. The amount of time will be direct communication reduced, and communication in neoplemenah – increase. Create neoplemya easy – find the main idea of standing. For example, “Residents of Silicon Valley” – a characteristic common than “Americans.” 3.

Blurring of boundaries and “lawlessness positioning. ” Advertising the product “Danakor” says that it lowers cholesterol levels. So it’s yogurt or medicine? Or can a new product category – “sour pills?” Guided by the new trends in demand, Company blur the boundaries between product categories and consumer segments.

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