Latin America

The majority of the people lives to the inverse one. It is bread for today and hunger for morning. It is only necessary to watch the statistics of the person that rejoice to see that this is certain. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by each 100 people who arrive at the 65 years: 36 no longer lives 54 live on the government or of their families 5 still is working because they must do it 4 are well economically 1 is rich. Although these are originating data of the United States, it is little probable that the condition of the pensioners is better in Latin America, quite the opposite. The secret key with which any person can accumulate long term wealth is: – To spend less than what wins – To invest the surplus, hopefully with a return on the investment of two numbers Sounds simple, but it is not it.

By something the majority of the people does not do it. It is difficult to go against the current and to make the things of another way. Nevertheless, it is the unique option that it has to change his future. In order to help him, there is a powerful concept is going that it to motivate to spend less: ” is called; allowance aplazada” and it can sound complicated, but it is just like we taught to our children when we demanded to him that they eat the spinach before eating the dessert. In the same way adult must we them learn to make the necessary things difficult-but before dedicating us to easy and the funny thing. Otherwise someday he is going to watch his financial statement and one is going away to have to restrict, quiralo or no.

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