Whatever the situation, one of the responsibilities of a leader is to lead the group to work together towards the common goal. This can be a daunting challenge. Often the team includes members with very different characteristics, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and work styles. The dynamics of the team also is often complicated by internal disagreements and personality conflicts. Leaders can gain great benefits by being able to identify the types of personality characteristics of team members. By understanding the basic personality types, the leader can use the members’ individual strengths for the good of the team and assign tasks to each team member. A leader can also learn to communicate in a way that inspires and encourages, taking into account the needs, values and work preferences of different members of the team.

A good leader will see the best results by working and use of the strengths and work style characteristics of the personalities on the team. , Putting the strengths of individual members to compensate for weaknesses, the leader can lead the team in a productive balance. A brief description of the different values and work styles of the four major personality types demonstrates the importance of this knowledge and that is part of the toolbox of successful leadership. The four personality types described using the colors gold, blue, green and orange. Gold member takes serious and responsible job.

Golden Personality want to contribute, be part of the team and be successful and productive. They respond well to recognition, rewards and incentives. However, Gold members need clear definition of responsibilities, their place within the structure, the Company’s expectations and deadlines. The personality of the Blue members need a social atmosphere of openness and to work well. Relationships are very important to them, and they need the freedom to be able to foster relationships with partners, prospects and leaders .. Conflict and intense competition are painful for a blue, but thrive in a positive, creative environment, service-oriented. A member of Green’s personality best known for the experience rather than their personal abilities. They are excellent working with facts, data, research and analysis. The green glow in their ability to design, understanding of complex systems and strategy. The facts are very important for the green, but have a weakness for the routine to move on and are a bit insensitive in social interactions. Team members with personality Orange are notable for their energy, skill and creativity. A key factor in an orange is the freedom to be able to use their skills and abilities. Too much structure, or your boss is very authoritarian personality orange is locked and not working properly. Personalities such as oranges and work well in a spirit of teamwork, competition and camaraderie. They are action-oriented, however, impatient with the prolonged administrative activities. A leader, to know the colors of your team, you can use this knowledge to blend team members in a coordinated and unified image and guide the team to success. By providing each member the environment to function efficiently in their areas, the leader is on track to achieve extraordinary results.

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