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Today in our country and the whole world is not an island, businesses, despite who despite, are no longer with large margins or unique opportunities operations, but are well established companies, with managers operations strategists who operate with volumes and conditions of adequate sales. Leadership, continuous training and programmed, motivation, efficiency, talent, teamwork, identification, high Moral, high rotation of Stocks, best place to work, scorecard leaders, among others, will be the words fashion and thanks to them, more and more customers acquire their goods and/or services provided, your company develops in each of its members, the spirit and the knowledge of the professionals traders, meaning that each person who today collaborates with you, is a professional seller and that each and every one of his collaborators, working so that clients are well informed about the services and products that your company offers, and at the same time, know as exercise a healthy influence on them to make acquire them This is the new mechanism and advantage in the 21st century to higher sales, is called the TOTAL sale, through which, each Member of your company, know and works to make his money from more and more turns affording you greater wealth.-only thus will be a concrete reality, his noble aspiration to a better standard of living to all and each of those who work for you and your company! Moreover, remember that the develop and train all their people in the science and art of the sell, takes his time, that is not the same to change the sparkplughcap on the engine of your car, the change should of be in the INTERIOR of your people, and this is a task that only can be done in gradual and constantIt is a process and in this a magic wand u no saving that worthwhile do remember that always, is trained by amateurs or theoretical, they never sold anything or a long weekend or through a grueling Convention sales or a short course or talks by experts with manipulators of the psyche, with screams or dynamic group (for fun that pays the course) presume to give motivation. EVERYTHING has meaning in the light of the final results: pull the money from your company – or no? In order to obtain concrete and lasting results, you have to install permanent changes in the minds and attitudes of its people. MasterClass may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Motivation does not drink with a glass, must be tailored to the needs of his people. Remember the great truth: the only practical, cost-effective solution, is with every one of the people who works with you must be to follow a process that finally install changes in areas, attitudes, etc. each need, to be a businessman Professional.. Man groups opinions are not widely known.

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