The content and layout of each leaflet depends on the objectives that each has been previously proposed, but generally there are certain aspects to consider when deciding how it will be the brochure. Fundamentally it comes to creating marketing materials that generate the highest possible return on investment and to achieve this is to contact professional marketing and design. Then we will discuss some considerations prior to making a brochure: 1. Who is a brochure? For the customer. What makes a brochure? Sell.

Make sure that the listing is the seller. To this, must be carefully written and designed by a professional. A brochure is not a decorative part of the company, is a marketing investment that should generate business. The brochure must sell. 2. Approximately 80% of people do not open those pamphlets whose covers do not get their attention with a benefit or a specific reason. The design of the cover of the brochure is very important. 3.

You have to know the needs and the wishes of the readers of the pamphlet, and demonstrate that the company can meet them. Demonstrating the benefits fails to trip the emotions, and emotions always win against logical persuasion. 4. Key benefits must be deployed to, thus, entice readers to venture into the contents of the prospectus. Always motivated to take action. 5. What are the characteristics or benefits? For example, an application that a customer saves an hour of work is a feature, that extra hour for the client to enjoy with their children is a benefit.

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