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The song is an art that takes into account to all the body and puts into play many parts of our fisionoma. Your position, for example, it affects the way in which you produce your voice and is an essential part of the learning of the song learning to use your position of deliberate way to produce certain vocal effects. It is not possible to be a good singer without developing sensitivity. Literally, the kinestsicos elements of your experience (what you feel) are fundamental part of your way to vocalize and affect your ability to a great extent to sing with clarity and to have an ample vocal rank. But there are other things to which it is important to put attention.

Many teachers of song everything what they do (and by all means, they acquire money enough to do it) is to touch the piano (or keyboard) for dirigirte in exercises that everything what they do is hacerte to vocalize and to sharpen your voice to the sound of the instrument time and time again, permitindote thus to learn, in the long run, to have ampler registry and to sing with a greater vocal power. Effective and much more fast it is to take the control from your breathing, to put attention a the sensations that you perceive and to listen to the sound that you produce as a result of the way in which you control your body at the time of singing. It remembers, all your body counts. It is important to listen to your voice when you sing. Much people sing without putting attention to her voice and to as she sounds what she is singing; they are the people who think that they sing very well when in fact they make a chillante and annoying sound like shouts when ” cantan”. The thing is that if you want to learn to sing you are going to have to learn to develop plus your sensorial apparatus, particularly the ear and the tact that are the senses fundamental to practice the song. Many techniques exist to learn to sing, many different exercises that can help to increase your possibilities you interpretative. Nevertheless, until you do not take the control from your mind and of your body (mainly than you feel and you hear internally and externally at the time of singing) those exercises only will help you of partial way. What it is required to sing with a rich and full voice of shades is to learn to use our natural resonadores of the body to make them vibrate with sound of the voice that you are producing, doing so it sounds more ” llena” , with more volume and even different styles.

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