Making Repairs

And what about space? And in the end, what is space? These issues are so anywhere and do not share. After a while I went to study at the Academy of Feng Shui. We passed a lot of different interesting topics Time was running fast. And now, having studied for eighteen months, I began to think about repairs. I wanted to change everything! The new knowledge explains many things. For example, why I'm so hard to get up in the morning, why do I want to change jobs, etc.

And most importantly, I now began to understand what exactly you can do this. So I decided to make repairs. First, I needed to change my iron on a wooden door. Back then the energy will enter the house through the door, as it should be, so even with the north side. And me, just me, need this energy north.

But to change the door I was in no hurry. Why? Yes, because I once took for granted the claim that metal door more secure, it can to protect the apartment. And continued to live behind an iron door. Secondly, I have long wanted to throw out old furniture and other trash. And, thirdly, the change had not only wall and door, it was necessary to change the entire way of life. Time passed, and I more wanted to change everything, but did not do anything. What hurt? What prevents us from living the way we want? What makes us do what we want? What prevents us from being happy? I tried to understand it.

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