Manage Customer Contact Points: The Large Customer Touch Point Project

The customer touch point management no longer follows the self-centric old marketing, asks: what do we offer the customer? Rather examines what customers expect, what services they receive in what way and how is their response. Can be found new touch points, optimize existing and thrown overboard-obsolete. This is done in the framework of a customer touch point project. See management of point of customer contact (customer touch point management) we understand the coordination of all business activities in such a way that an outstanding as reliable and trustworthy experience is offered the customers at every interaction point, without losing the process efficiency of the eyes. A major goal is the continuous optimizing of the customer experience (customer experiences) at the individual points of contact to strengthen existing customer relationships and maintain high-quality new business via recommendation. States, to save the customer disappointment and satisfaction status, moments of enthusiasm to create.

We look at us, how this project can be done in the form of a touch point. The planning of the project to the customer touch point management as such or parts thereof as project in the company are successfully, go check the following steps: Appointment of the project manager composition of the project team definition of project objectives define the organizational reporting parameters in all directions as first must the project manager will be appointed. It is worth considering to select an irrelevant. The advantage of this? Because he has no idea of the matter itself, it is forced to interact with the participants and also this silly ‘ questions to ask. Through such dialogues, relationships become clearer, lying fallow knowledge is tapped, hierarchy brake will be undermined and the look through other glasses can be often quite new, bold ideas. At least temporarily, it may be also useful involve an external as a neutral moderator to avoid operating own blindness.

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