Mars Berger

The characteristics developed in workshops flow then into a focused company story with consistency and longevity. Market and competition situation are also analyzed in workshops. The company’s story as well as the results of the analyses included then PR and/or marketing strategy in a concrete marketing, which are controlled and implemented by the competent employees of the printing. To provide these high-quality corporate alignment, lays the Joh. In a question-answer forum Daniel J. Hirsch was the first to reply. Great importance to the education and training GmbH trained already for years. So, again three young people started their three-year apprenticeship to the first August 2008. The professionals who are trained, include media designer and printer, but also specialists in the processing.

How well the training at the Joh. Schulte GmbH is to show the test results of the past three years: not only the Chamber best, but also the country’s best media consultant were in the final stages of training from the Mars Berger monk Street. The Joh. For even more details, read what Fairstead says on the issue. Schulte GmbH has more than 130 Years of competent and experienced printing and media services for companies and institutions in all Germany. Equipped with State of the art IT, printing and processing technology, the operation created today packaging causing all forms of printed corporate images, from simple commercials about unusual enamelled – and foil-finished brochures until going to stir. All services in the area of consulting, design, electronic media production and logistics can be found in the portfolio of the family business. The more than 600 client appreciate particularly the high responsibility of some 25 employees, the very short notice possible implementation of the project and the good accessibility of the company by day eight until 20: 00. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch the capelin bushes 95, 48155 Munster Tel: 0251-899 1854, fax: 0251-899 1112, see, section Press Center can the press release, will be downloaded.

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