University Clinic of Munich University Clinic Munich-real example of medical progress in Germany. Popular in Germany, traditionally the clinic is a leader in the number of clients Russia. At the clinics, the University Centre has leading physicians of Europe, which provide a high level of care using the latest advances of modern medical technology. The most modern medical equipment make the clinic attractive to patients from Europe, the Middle East, Israel and America. Clinic of the University of Munich is one of the most modern and large medical centers Europe.

Cancer treatment in Germany is in a clinic in Munich at the highest level. University Hospital offers its services in all areas of medicine, the most popular are: Cardiology Nephrology Hematology Clinic of Children Diseases Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Orthopaedics Cardiology Gastroenterology Nephrology Clinic childhood diseases Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Clinic of Neurosurgery Center for Endocrinology, Department of Vascular Surgery Clinic Surgery Clinic Visceral Pediatric Surgery ENT Clinic Reproductive Medicine Burn Surgery Clinic Urology Periodontics in the framework of the Centre combined 29 depatramentov covering virtually all areas of modern medicine, as well as numerous clinical and theoretical institutes, laboratories, a major center of medical information and computer software. On the basis of the University Hospital Munich-work 'Gamma knayf' center, which allows to treat vascular lesions of the brain. Geographical location have led to the formation in Munich essentially universal medical complex, work that is considered prestigious to the highest professional tailoring. Total clinic has approximately 2,500 inpatient beds and is designed for outpatient and inpatient service for more than 60 000 patients per year. Clinic 'Schwabing' Clinic in Munich "Schwabing" in Munich was founded in 1839. Located in the heart of the city.

Hospital treats almost all areas without exception, provides medical care for more than 10% of the residents of Munich and its environs. Among the most famous in the clinic are the Schwabing Hospital neurosurgery and pediatrics. The main directions of the clinic in Munich-Schwabing: Heart Disease Disease Kidney Pediatrics Oncology and Hematology Cardiac Surgery Pediatric Cardiology Gastroenterology Diseases Joint Center for Endocrinology, Neurosurgery Clinic Vascular Surgery Clinic Visceral Surgery Pediatrohirurgiya UhoGorloNos Clinic of Angiology If you choose a clinic in Germany, your choice will be correct. Medical center "Schwabing" offers the optimal combination of outpatient treatment, as well as possible treatment and rehabilitation and is a unique center of excellence, where patients work for the benefit of the best doctors. Munich Isar Clinic Clinic located in the center of Munich on the Isar River. Centre deals diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skeleton. The main and the main theme of specialization clinics are hip joint replacement surgery high knee and hip joints. Others areas include Orthopedics Surgery Spine Surgery Sports rheumatic diseases treatment dysfunction in rheumatic diseases of joints Staff: 29 professionals and over 100 secondary medical personnel working in the field of orthopedics at the clinic under the rule of Professor Lily. During the year, the clinic treatment is carried out over 1,500 patients in the profile of orthopedics. Stay single and double rooms equipped with all the facilities and the Internet. View from the window at the beauty of Munich lets you forget you're in the room. There is also a hairdresser. You can choose either regular ward, which includes everything you need and order the large apartments with a separate room for receiving guests. Clinic "Isar" offers an optimal combination of outpatient and inpatient treatment, as well as treatment options and a unique klintsentrom excellence in whose walls work best for patients by doctors.

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