Mexican Athletes

Fortunately the Mexican athletes who have managed to make a name in the international press, such as Lorena Ochoa, however, are more and more difficult is that the wrestlers (masked or not) achieve such success abroad.Few are the Mexican wrestlers who have transcended beyond our country, so when it sees an American fighter with Mexican roots like Eddie Guerrero, nationality is unimportant, what is important is that where it comes.At the end of a stay at the CMLL, Eddie Guerrero joined the ranks of the Triple A, where formed Alliance with wrestlers such as El Hijo Del Santo, Art Barr and konnan, among others. After a short but iconic career at the AAA, Guerrero would go to try their luck in other leagues.After his stay in the Triple A that ended in 1994, the combatant participated in international leagues, which led to very WWE, where teamed and then rivaled Rey Misterio. Was his long and successful career that achieved that Eddie Guerrero was the third member of the Hall of Fame of the AAA.While Eddie Guerrero was part of the Triple A and, even more, is part of the Hall of Fame, the wrestler will not be present in Heroes of the Ring. The reason? His death remained stellar in WWE, so perhaps his image rights belonging to that company..

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