Minister Alexei Kudrin

Will there be a default in Russia because of – the financial crisis? Theme of the financial crisis currently under discussion by everyone from scientists – economists, politicians to ordinary citizens, illuminate it and the media, news. Specialists discuss it on a large scale, and ordinary citizens in relation to themselves, their family, the company where they work. One thousand nine hundred ninety-eighth year, is well remembered for Russian citizens So now people assume that it is possible again trick by the government and being in the dark asks himself the question: "What do I do? What else can happen? "Dwell on the notion of" default ". Literally, it is failure to fulfill obligations such as the borrower can not extinguish his main duty. It is because – for the default crisis erupted one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight.

The reason was the decline in commodity prices, heavy debt States to other countries, the crisis of liquidity. What do we have in 2008. Financial market in Russia at this time was so formed that react to any crisis situation. In Moscow poured cash flows, business concentrated in this city, there was much to attract foreign investors into the country, there were monopolies in the industrial sector, increased demand for loans, which led to problems with repayment of their bank. These reasons have made financial market in the country very vulnerable. Get all the facts and insights with What is the Mathematical Mindset Theory?, another great source of information. To a large extent this is reflected in the stock market, currency and credit were more resilient in the current situation, while also experiencing difficulties. Analyzing all arisen problem, experts say conclusively that the second default in the country would not be prudent for this action had been taken.

National currency depends on gold and currency reserves of the country, the country's leadership argues that in a country created by "cushion" of security. They include gold and currency reserves and two national stabilization fund – the National Welfare Fund and Reserve Fund. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that using these two reserve fund will be made financial contributions to support the financial market. Experts can not determine the duration of the crisis, so these stocks should dispose of with care, every step must be well thought out. In the Russian market already reflects the fall in economic growth rate of other countries, because our country is exporting oil, gas, metal and wood. This leads to higher prices in the country on almost all the services and food, gradually began to die down real estate market. For ordinary citizens will not be available mortgages and dramatically reduced consumer lending, as inevitable increase in rates on them. The Government hopes to take all measures to save the big banks, but the life of Russians do not improve, but instead will have even more difficult. When using any article direct active reference to the source required!

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