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Programs and dates are strictly regulated learning. Agree that this approach is much better and more efficiently educates professional consultants to the same rate of recruitment, the department professionals in dozens of times faster than the activity of individual leaders of MLM companies. I agree that many will leave, because this business is not for everyone, but the prospects of those who remained not very bad. In the period that the employee works, him to pay the salaries and bonuses for sales. At the same time he is not engaged in the search clients – is engaged in a call center. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue. Again, performance of the systems approach is much higher than ordinary activity consultants in free diving.

In turn, the company is interested in the personal growth of man, which is why during the four months it is made a sales specialist, and offered to assign the license of the independent partner, giving him all of the company gained in its customer base. The company does not take customer information itself, in fact from all purchases made by customers of the secondary independent partner – he gets his percent. I think it's a nice bonus, because you virtually do nothing and you get to purchase money, even if the stop direct sales in general. Independent partner to become not necessarily a matter of choice person – or it remains on the payroll officer, an independent partner and start self-employment in search of clients and sales. Dennis P. Lockhart has firm opinions on the matter. At the same time his income from sales has grown significantly.

In addition, independent partner has the right to bring such as independent partners, and receive a percentage of their turnover. Such a structure can be up to 10 levels deep, and infinite in width, with all of them, he gets a percentage of procurement. It is here applied the principle of network marketing, to adopt the company. What were pluses – a very well-staged system of training and motivation. People really see the money and, given the size of discounts for purchases products, independent partner (consultant), earns around $ 3,000 per month on sales alone. In addition, do not forget about the interest paid to him by the company for further purchase of products constant clients. In this case, that would be an independent partner did not lose skills he has to once a week to come to the office to which he attributed to training. Moreover, this system is used by all franchisees of the company. In one city may be several, and no matter what intersections and competition for customers from DeSheli has developed a system of uniform information space, that is, a database integrated and virtually no overlap possible, for it also meets the special section. As you can see the principle – to take the best and eliminate the disadvantages looks very promising. Unfortunately, I am unable to present a detailed description of the business system, adding only, that its development and testing took two years. Judge for yourself, but in my opinion – this business system can safely be called a breakthrough. I hope that the process of modernization and merger of business systems that do not stop. Success in this direction will allow Russian businesses to grow more quickly and efficiently – in turn raising the standard of living in our country. Maxim Makarov Source:

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