Mobile Marketing

You will often inform their customers about news, discounts, promotions your company? Why do not you use it for SMS marketing? SMS – an effective marketing tool, due to the rapid, almost instantaneous, reports required information to a wide range of potential customers. The audience, which covers mobile marketing, is very great, it considerably exceeds the online audience, as in everyday life we use mobile communications more often than the Internet. With SMS, you can inform customers about discounts, promotions, all kinds of pr-solutions based on interviews and questionnaires to make the system notice to draw attention to Internet resources. Combining these measures with our capabilities in advertising, and in particular the call center, you can achieve a significant increase in sales. To carry out the SMS mailing list, we can use not only Your customer base, but our database of subscribers, forming a proposal to your potential customers.

Text SMS will be short and accessible. The client does not spend much time trying to understand its meaning. Subscriber, received a text message with interesting information, save it and to easily extract from the phone. We draw your attention to the fact that mobile marketing – it is an effective way to promote your company's own personal treatment to each client. We offer you not only sending SMS, but the whole package of measures to prepare for it. Think over the idea of the campaign, we will prepare the script and the right theme interviews, write SMS text messages. Can use the stage marketing, which requires consistent performance of actions.

For example, if you want to sell any merchandise. First, we develop the idea of promotion and compose text SMS messages. Draw newsletter (this can be information about discounts, promotions and other special offers your company). Then, call center operators outgoing calls people who have sent messages, find out their reactions and make offers from your company. At your request we can make targeting your target audience by age, gender, income, job, etc. Form the current list of subscribers (on your products and services) and these will timely warning of events and offers from your company. We draw your attention to the fact that the SMS mailing list can be combined with media and Internet capabilities. For example, draw on any TV competition, associated with the activities of your company. Will inform potential customers about the lottery via SMS. Terms announce your site (if you do not have a site we can design it for you). Interested parties will visit the site become familiar with the conditions of competition, as well as news and offers your company. The winner will be the first one to send an SMS with the correct answers to the questions posted on your site. Sms-sending for today far the most effective marketing tool. Costs are much lower than for other types of advertising, and the return to much more. rce. Using a mobile marketing, you will significantly increase your visibility and loyalty clients.

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