Monroe Doctrine

The look directed toward America launched for the American north not recente, since its foundation as country that this comes searching a complete etotal subordination of the American Latins its I judge, however, asresistncias come growing to each moment and as it affirms authors as JamesPetras, currently it has a new configuration in America and excellent oportunidadepara a free American Latin economy of American dependence North. The origin of the expansion American north for Latin America. The defense of the ideals of superiority of U.S.A. If you are not convinced, visit Robert Burke. in America comes of the ideologiado manifest destination, according to this ideology, the United States seriamsuperiores to the other peoples of the continent, therefore they would have as to destinocivilizar the too much peoples of America, as Spanish, aboriginal and Portuguese. This ideology if confuses with the Monroe Doctrine, president of U.S.A. em1823, during a speech, it pronounced the phrase ' ' America for americanos' ' , in the direction not to protect the Americans of the Europeans, but so only nosentido of that the north American is that they would have that to dominate the continent.

Let us see what in it says these books to them didactic of Oldimar professor Noronha Bridges. ' ' In 1901, Theodore Rooseverlt, antigochefe of police of New York, were elect president of U.S.A., dictated its were ' ' Speaksoftly and carry big strick, you Will GO far' ' (it says bellwether and always carregueum great club, you goes far). From then on external politics of U.S.A., marked for the Manifest Destination and the Monroe doctrine, would be known as a' ' Big Diplomacy of the Great Porrete.’ ‘ 2 the didactic manuals reproduces with much efficiency what the mdiamanifesta, being that in this ticket is accurately the idea that many latinosamericanos have, harnesses it American north came back the eyes toward the AmericLatina, being that the question is well ampler of what a simple ideology, American aeconomia north since its formation that needs external factors, its economy always was represented by the exportation of merchandises, Is in this point that we need to adentrar for the question of the imperialism, aopo of U.S.A.

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