Mosaic Work

For gluing the mosaic is recommended to apply adhesive to an area of 1 m2. Apply the adhesive to the surface is as follows. First, the smooth side of the trowel, apply the material on the wall, it promotes its uniform application to the entire surface. Then more accurately distribute the glue the toothed side of a spatula. The size of the tooth from 3mm – 5mm, depending on tesserae size (it is less than the smaller size of the tooth) Now the surface is ready for bonding matrix mosaic. Bonding matrix mosaic. The most common variants of the mosaic is glued to the grid or paper.

If the mosaics on the grid then it is glued to the bottom of the grid. If the mosaics on paper, then glue the paper it out. (As shown). When gluing matrix is gradually applied to the base and slightly pressed into the adhesive. Important! The distance between the matrices should attain to the level spacing between tessera in it, then on the finished surface will not be seen separate matrix interface and the surface would look smooth. After fixing a few matrices need to produce smoothing them to the plane surface. Done it a gentle tap rubber float on the surface of the material, it is right the protruding pieces of the puzzle relative to each other and will remove the air out of the matrix. Preparation and application of grouting the mosaic.

After alignment of the matrices need to remove paper from the mosaic (if it was on paper). Done so – and taken the usual sponge urinating in a clean, warm water, then this sponge is wetted packed mosaic, as well paper gets wet, you need to pull the edge of the diagonal. During this operation can be improved styling flaws. Far-necks and important operation will be cleaned of excess glue from the joints, this should be done until he froze. Applying grout prepared solution is applied squeegee on the diagonal, it is necessary to monitor the material filling joints uniformly. Surplus grout cleaned the same spatula. After drying grout tile sponge, that we remove the remnants of grout from the surface of the material. , Giving the final shape. Now we can enjoy beautiful laid mosaic.

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