If we can achieve harmonize our thoughts, words and actions, we can make a remarkable change in our lives, becoming these simpler and facilitating us reaching our goals and share with the people that surround us; as having more harmony, internally it is only natural that this extends to our surrounding. Then begins a process of internal growth in which we become increasingly aware of our responsibility in relation to the quality of life in our environment and the capacity that we have to change if we are to just put our grain of sand to improve it. As we learn to accept these situations as lessons for our development, we become able to thank the opportunity they give us and welcome them recognizing them as teachers who are. With the passing of time our growth makes us able to recognize that the weight that is placed on our shoulders to improve us is never greater than our strength to bear it. Understand that life is a constant learning will help to have a different perspective of what you are experiencing and make each of the difficult moments that you have to deal with more bearable. In this way open you the doors to a full life of productive experiences, with which you can grow a conscience use the motivation of personal growth rather than fear or incentives. In addition to using motivating positive, delete the desmotivadotes, such as frustrating policies or the bureaucracy understands the different needs that drive individuals; each person is unique, with different talents and abilities * Referfencia: notes, notes, Professor of organizational behavior, program of graduate quality and productivity, Faces, UC original author and source of the article.

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