National Governments

' What we make for necessity, we must make to seem that fizemos&#039 was for will ours that; '. (Maquiavel) years 70 had marked the necessity of if rethink the standards of consumption and production that impactavam the environment directly causing its deterioration. Face the reinforcement of the ambient movements in the years the 80 National Governments had started to incorporate new instruments in the conduction of its public politics being searched the compatibilizao between growth and preservation of the environment. Since then many sectors had been pressured to change methods and processes to be adjusted to the new demands of the society and to the demanded standards. More than what to only have the acceptance of the exercise of its activities for the society, the companies, they search a differentiation of excessively.

A symbolic capital created from the reputation assumes an important role in the competitive differential. Therefore to accumulate reputacional capital becomes objective greater in companies of some segments and amongst them the financial sector. Inobstante the financial sector not to possess an ambient impact direct, the same if cannot say of the indirect impacts, a time that the financing granted to its customers will directly affect the route of the sustainable development or not. The indirect impact is so real that the proper legislation if charged of regulating such activities: Law 9,605/98 establishes that: ' ' the financial institutions, when to finance projects and enterprises in disagreement with the effective ambient norms, could be made responsible, solidarily, for eventual actual damages to the environment. ' ' From this conceptual change and of the implicit and explicit pressures, the financial segment was seen obliged to galgar new routes in search of the sustainable development, guaranteeing, thus, its survival, as well as the one of part of the society: they are its customers indirect right-handers or. In reply to the pressures exerted for the ambientalista movement she had the creation of the Principles of the Equator in 2003, representing one of the more important global initiatives of auto-regulation of the private sector in relation the socioambientais standards and norms.

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