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E, when arriving at Brazil, being impressed with the indifference given to the deficient appearance, fought influencing in positive way next to the Ministry Imperial reaching resulted positive referring to the education with the deaf people. However, this work was very excellent for the estruturao of the Special education in Brazil, and in day 06 of July of 1957, through law 3,198 it was nominated of National Institute of Education of Deaf people? INES. To little if she was establishing the escolarizao of the bonanza one why she consisted of the development of the manual abilities (Antipoff; 1992, p 65). However, from the decade of thirty, the increase of industrialization happens and ahead of a reality where the country is governed by military, to the seen alfabetizao being as interests politicians, some claims, the republican dream to educate to all, results in the elaboration of educational reforms. It is at this moment that the organizations together with the parents and friends of the deficient ones gain force to fight for better qualities of life of the people with deficiencies, these organizations gain more impulse, when at the same time they appear some scholars that they defend the idea of that these people had to be adjusted and to be integrated to the society. In such a way Voivodic (2004. P.

85) detaches that: From the decades of 60 and 70 programs directed toward the integration of the carriers appear of mental deficiency as alternative to the institutionalization. In Brazil, these programs aimed at Transplantar inside the philosophy of the normalization restricting itself in the rank of the pupil with deficiency in special classroom of the school. Ahead of such proposals the effective public agency obtained to materialize the work of integration of the people with deficiencies in the social environment. thus became evident the commitment of the federal government in giving support to the educational services assuming the national level the idealizao of campaigns narrowly come back to take care of to the deficient ones.

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