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In the autumn-winter season this year, moved smoothly so beloved by the Russians style "military" – more accurately say "neo-military". It is no accident: a wonderful combination of comfort, durability and high style is regularly his fans around the world for several decades. It is believed that the very military style appeared in 1971, when public attention was riveted on the U.S. military actions in Vietnam, which, of course, could not not affect the rotation changing fashion. Many leading fashion houses supported by their own painful topic of increased aggression, and so lobbying by the United States subject of patriotism.

Thus, new direction of the pseudo-military uniforms. The style is not so permeated almost warlike spirit and atmosphere of survival in the complex (combat?) Conditions. Each piece of clothing, each accessory must be as functional without unnecessary 'additions' and free of ethnic attributes (such as congenial style 'safari'). Internet-shop 'Soldier-SHOP' focuses just on these fans. Variety of representations of products (jackets, overalls, a variety of hats, shoes and accessories) will please even the most fastidious mod.

And with the autumn-winter 2010-11 store military clothing and equipment replenished their stocks a collection of military uniforms one of the countries participating in the North-Atlantic Alliance NATO – form forces Bundeswehr. One of these innovations was the overall tank forces of NATO. In addition, this form has a high resistance to fire, improved keep themselves warm, he can save as from the impacts of such production, as getting aggressive liquids while working in a spray booth and other technical procedures associated with chemical substances. Range, photographs and contact information can be found on the site. Orders are accepted via the Internet around the clock. Delivery of the Russian regions and CIS countries via EMS service Russian Post.

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