New Hand Pallet Truck PCEPTS

Thats fast weighing without detours, with optimum control. Called this special lift trucks also pallet scale, because it is also a mobile scale with a tare function, with a capacity of 2000 kg. The new stroke scales PCE-PTS 1 is a truck used for steering and lifting the entire goods. The hydraulic pump is the up and down motions of the hand lever on the move and can be associated with a pull lever on the handle of the truck. It has operated maybe once a hand stroke scales each of us or it was seen, in the grocery store, a warehouse or a production company. The new stroke scales PCE-PTS 1 of PCE Germany GmbH are not only simple devices that move goods from A to B, they have more features than you might think. So a range scale is powered by batteries and this anywhere can be used in the operation.

The weighing and transport of shipping cargo can be handled directly during loading on the loading dock or directly in the truck. With the new range scales PCE-PTS 1 pallets must not today turned off, separately to later a separate place to be weighed. The weight can be read immediately at the large, illuminated display directly on the pallet weighers. Thats fast weighing without detours, with optimum control. Through the rugged wheels can be pull or push the truck easily over uneven ground. The new truck PCE-PTS 1 PCE Germany GmbH is virtually a scale on wheels, which allows significantly lower loading and unloading times, shorter distances with full pallets. More information under:…

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