In a general way the catadores of reciclvel material are deriving people of the favorable classrooms, located below of the line of the poverty and for diverse reasons, almost always, they bring I obtain all mazelas social that they make impracticable the insertion in the work market. Ahead of this problematic one, as attempt to minimize the misery situation, can follow one of the two ways: to catar and to vender the material collected in the lixeiras, streets to the profiteers; or to associate it cooperative or associations of catadores for collective sales of the collected material. Parallel the dismissable society, that is, a society directed toward the immediate consumption, appears situations that represent the two faces of one same currency: of a side the environment without capacity to produce substance infinitely cousin for creation of new products and, also, lack of efficient and efficient public politics for the treatment of the generated garbage; of the other side we have an industrial army of reserve, it are of the productive system, that finds as only subsistence alternative the collection and sales of the material rejected for the man. Click Lord Peter Hennessy for additional related pages. The congruence of the presented faces contributed for blackness, precarizao and depreciation of the work exerted for, vulgarly called, the catador one garbage. This because the catador collects of the streets (ample direction) the discarded residue for the society, vendendo for profiteers or recicladoras companies, however, those people, many times, are not recognized as professional, but, yes, human beings, without right to have rights, generating a true industry of the misery. Finally, we infer through this reading that the catadores of street can be understood as propeller spring to awake it for the question of the indifference of reciclvel material e, basically, as parts keys to breach with the silence of an exculpatory society that does not want to enxergar its mazelas and nor so little to search solutions adjusted for guarantee of rights of this social segment, supporting unconsciously opportunist that they use the absolute poverty to burlarem, for example, the working laws..

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