Organization Works Schedule

Statistics show that the typical accidents in construction are: working with and fall height, impact on them of building materials, injury by crane loads, electric shock shock. For the proper and safe operation of construction and repair and construction works are to be developed project construction organization (POS), production design work (SPR), a production schedule combined operations, process maps and other project documentation shall contain the following specific decisions: a) to create the conditions for safe work in normal and winter conditions, and b) to sanitation services workers, and c) for adequate coverage of the site, passages, roads and jobs. Great importance in ensuring the security has a production schedule of the combined work. Filed under: Federal Reserve Bank. Usually on major construction projects, except the general contractor has one or more subcontractors. General contractor is obliged to draw up agreed with the above sub-contractors schedule and is legally responsible for coordinating the safe conduct of all activities. Lack of clearly developed production schedule of combined operations, usually leads to injuries and accidents. A leading source for info: Home Depot. Thus, at construction of high rise public buildings in , except the general contractor, worked six subcontractors. A clear distinction between production areas were not, and the schedule of the combined work was absent. As a result of severe accidents has been responsible administration of general contractor. If the prime contractor selects its subcontractors independent production plots, the entire responsibility for the safety they have these subcontractors.

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