Information portal osteoporosis because more knowledge means better help for affected osteoporosis is one about which you know little, because one speaks little about a widespread disease, however. We want to help, educate, and inform. Therefore we, made the osteoporosis self help groups roof Association (OSD) a new information portal on the subject of osteoporosis and self help on the Internet. More and more people, also elderly, use the Internet as a source of information, more and more members want to know is what to do to help her. Interested can contact about causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (bone loss) inform… and above all: what they themselves can do.

Because crucial to the therapy and that is a major difference to other diseases is the active participation of the interested parties in the treatment: self help, the active participation in the sense of nutrition or movement. What appears important to us? Information to the clinical picture Osteoporosis detailed and patient-friendly representation of emphasis self-help important for therapy access to self-help groups clear outline of the areas of osteoporosis and self-help associations of the OSD a strong, non-profit association of osteoporosis self-help groups roof Association (OSD), provides help for patients, support, information and active therapy in self-help groups. The Association operates non-profit, socially and with volunteers. Everything in terms of the persons concerned, who can better live with osteoporosis if they are well informed, if they are active. And basically to clarify, because only who knows, can go against this disease. Therefore: more help for self-help. OSD – osteoporosis self-help groups roof e.V. Rudiger Holbe

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