Outsourcing Or Development Staff Work ?

The term “outsourcing” literally translates as the use of foreign resources. In other words, outsourcing – the transfer is on a contractual basis to other non-core functions organizations that specialize in a specific area and have relevant experience, knowledge and technical means. Thus, outsourcing – a management strategy that optimizes functioning of the organization by focusing on the main line of activity. Development of the organization – it is always moving from one state to another. The transition is a change that must control. Otherwise, you can go to the wrong that had been planned.

And one form of control may be outsourcing organizational development, which includes: the transfer of outside contractors or several functions related to the implementation of the company and the management of this process, ensuring a degree of business organization that is needed. So, outsourcing – it’s an organizational decision, under which the contractor is “leased” to the customer. Contractor adapts its versatile tools and knowledge, taking into account the specific customer’s business and uses them in the interests of customers for a fee determined by the current cost of services, rather than shares in the profits. The growth in popularity of this form of recruitment is a consequence of increased project activities of companies lack their own resources for the task, the strategic importance of the projects. Often the outsourcing of non-core activities of the company, which entails more and reduce the cost of organizing and managing this activity.

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