Paradigm Of Classrooms

By the way, this instant contradiction meets in proper MARX (1847: 94): ‘ ‘ The social relations are closely on to the productive forces. Acquiring new productive forces, the men change its way of production, and changing the way of production, the way to gain the life, they change all its relations sociais.’ ‘. If this is truth, as could the Italian workers oppose it the creation, for they themselves, of bureaucratic organizations of small transport, to change its lives? As Marx it idealized the sprouting of a socialist society, perhaps it did not interest to admit the existence to it of other alternatives for the workers as the diverse forms of associativismo that already existed since its time (cooperative, associations, etc), even because in its conception such forms of productive associes also aimed at to the profit of the more-value, something total repudivel in its doctrine it historical and dialtico materialism. Therefore, MARX (1890: 727) until desistimulava initiatives of workers for creation of cooperatives or other resembled forms of production, alleging that: The capitals small they are launched thus in the production branches of that the great industry if possessed only in sporadical or incomplete way..

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