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HCon turned new developments around the timetable information HAFAS before Hannover, March 30, 2011. The HAFAS user meeting 2011 recorded a new record number of visitors: circular 180 participants from 82 companies and 13 countries followed the invitation of the Software House of HCon for the 14th meeting of HAFAS user to Hanover. On March 29th and 30th were the latest product developments around the timetable information system HAFAS at the Centre of attention of the participants from transport companies and associations, technology and logistics. For two days, the HCon team presented its innovations from the fields of Internet, mobile applications and print. It was inter alia to intermodal trip planning, linked to public transportation links with the private. Mobile applications continue to determine the trends in the information, such as for example the DB Navigator for iPhone and iPad at the Deutsche Bahn as well as applications for the timetable information on Smartphones and tablets based on Android, Windows phone 7 and more. Real-time information and push services were other key issues of the User meeting. For example, a solution that brings delays or other errors directly on the Smartphone of customer and it uses push notifications for iPhone or Android was demonstrated.

The customer must not continuously even consult, but receives a message from the transport companies in the event of a fault about HAFAS push. Ways to combine social networking and timetable information, were highlighted as well as an area search for connections, which opens up new perspectives for the use of public transportation. The talks on the new HAFAS information manager HIM highlighted what opportunities holds HAFAS as administrative and editing tool for schedule content. He was recently introduced by the Deutsche Bahn, to optimize customer communications. Presentations of transport firms from Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Sweden and the Switzerland showed how HAFAS clients benefit from the system with its different components in practice about live maps, for Dispatchers, smart-ITCS systems for port security, real time information and barrier-free route planner. Furthermore, time for the personal exchange of HAFAS users amongst each other and HCon team grown now to about 140 employees remained between and after the lectures. More information: HCon Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH Lister Strasse 15 30163 Hannover Telephone: (05 11) 33 69 9-0,

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