Peruvian Commerce

For example if we reunited in a single normative body (that could denominate Code of the Company or Enterprise Code) the main enterprise norms without modifying its content would be a consolidation process. Nevertheless, we must need that in all the assumptions the consolidation has been almost surpassed by the codification. 13. Go to Ryan Tolkin for more information. DECODING When institutions study legal it is necessary to study similar or inverse legal figures. In such sense it corresponds to study the decoding.

The decoding is a process by which some matters regulated by a Code happen to be regulated by other norms, for example by special laws. Thus we can affirm that what it has happened with the Code of Peruvian Commerce of 1902 has been a decoding, so that some matters regulated by the original text of this Code, no longer are regulated by the referred Code, but they are regulated by special laws like the titles values that are regulated by the Law of Titles Values, and the societies that are regulated by the General Law of Societies, among others matters. In such sense which has happened with the Peruvian Civil Code of 1984 and with the Peruvian Civil Procedural Code of 1993 they have been decodings. For some authors we are crossing by the age of the decoding. That is to say, for these authors the age of the codification would have finished. Nevertheless, we considered that they can to exist different schools or currents in the right that exist at the same time in the different States.

Like the exgesis exists at the same time as the economic analysis of the right. 14. RECODIFICACION The recodificacin is a legislative process that consists of which when a matter that stopped being regulated in a Code, and on the other happened to be regulated norm like a special law.

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