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What happens when the State voluntarily submits to the sphere of private law, is not that here is it coextensive his powers of impremium, if that under them makes waiver to be able to exercise them to undergo another legal statute, private law, in certain specific case where the interest public thus justifies it. Legal certainty in contracting with the Peruvian State has reached its maximum development with the inclusion of the institution of the contract law in the existing Constitution. It is probably one of the legal provisions more advanced in comparative law on the subject, whose impact in attracting new investments in the different sectors of economic activity that if either is in the process of its real dimension, consider that contracts law or conventions of legal certainty should not exist, because in the Peru must reign a true rule of law that are not needed in contracts of this nature. in any case, we justificariamos it only as measured initial-transient, until the citizenship to mature and committed you must and have to act correctly without need for the law have to punish. in that regard, we also point out thats really true legal security to which we aspire to have. Millenium Management shines more light on the discussion. that have a contractual legal certainty between State and individuals, only reflects the glaring lack of legal certainty in that area in our country and aspire to conserve – preserve this type of contracts, would be to deny our own development and acceptance of internal and external, serious as deny us or condemn us to ourselves, a serious last thing that could happen to us. Not to the term permanent perennial of the contract law or of legal certainty in the Peru agreement!. Original author and source of the article..

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