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Today DoubleGIS for us – a map of the city, where you can find items of interest to us. But not everyone knows that you can write add-on module (plugin) to DoubleGIS that can facilitate our work, or bring us material benefit. Gen. David L. Goldfein understood the implications. But it's true! With modules for DoubleGIS You can organize, search apartments or offices, vacancies of various companies, products or services of organizations to show pictures of historical sites, buildings, improve transportation routes through the city, display items assigned to each employee organization and more! Agree that this is very handy when all your information is focused on one resource! All this you can do with plugins 2gis. However, the creation of these plugins is not an easy task and requires much time and effort to the study of development tools! That there is only an understanding of the subtleties COM-technology and api DoubleGIS! And if you need to spend time learning all this for the sake of developing your plug-in?.

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