Popular Car Summer Hits

Determined in a recent survey of holiday cars Munich, August 29, 2008 just to the end of the season, there is nothing better than traveling in the car listening all favorite hits of the summer – to further enjoy the holiday feeling! Holiday Cars has let choose the top 10 car holiday feeling summer hits of 2008 500 customers and employees: 1 rock & Groove! With its mix of old and new, all summer long (Kid Rock) is ranked the holiday feeling car hits. The song signals fun and infinity, you can sing wonderfully loud and feels as if you were on the road on the endless highways of the United States. And of course is like a small flashback in the summer, because this song is running the 2008 all charts! 2. just good mood – whether on the way in the evening or in the weekend with mercy (Duffy) to get in a festive mood and can throttle properly, therefore rank 2 in the holiday cars popularity. 15 percent of those polled by the way hear this song preferably alone, 54 also are happy to share it with the partner / the Partner. 3. the beat is reminiscent of warm summer nights, bars, fun and dancing – Viva la Vida (Coldplay) is particularly cheerful and is best on romantic coastal roads in a convertible. Or chill out on the way home after a cool evening with good friends? 3rd place for the good mood song 70 percent most enjoy with their favorite people.

4th place 4 for the current catchy sweet about me (Gabriella Cilmi), which, according to the independent jury is lively, funny and easy. You can always hear this song even if he fits best on the way to the beach, he puts everyone in leisure and Urlaubsstimmungs mood. Fits particularly well when girlfriends start through a joint weekend.

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