Prefabricated Buildings Construction

Company BaltProfil: design produces manufacturing and construction of light steel thin-walled structures. Main activities: Frame construction, construction of prefabricated buildings, design buildings, construction of lofts, cottages Construction and installation of the roof, building timber frame houses, steel erection, roofing technology frame construction. Construction bystovozvodimogo building can be divided into several stages. Step One: Design: designing buildings carried out by us from LSTC includes: collection of baseline data for the design of structures for skeleton tehnologiirazrabotka conceptual design within the PCB with the use of graphic design and 3D modeling of architectural and construction project design and development of metal constructions drawings CM and CMD advising on the design of frame technology cooruzheny Our designers have modern software complexes used in the design of buildings with metal structures using new information technologies. This can significantly reduce the weight of the metal frame of LSTC, thereby reducing the cost of customers. High speed and quality of design works on frame technology ensure receipt of the first metal structures for construction works in the short term. Designing buildings with metal structures using three-dimensional modeling provides: Short terms of designing metal structures, metal reduction (without loss of strength of structures), lack of conflict between sections of the project, functional labeling of components and assemblies; precise definition weight and size of mounting elements, complete visualization of the circuit boards and assemblies; High accuracy of matching elements for mounting the compounds responsible for the company to develop design solutions for frame technology and makes every effort to implement them.

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