Preparation Of Boats And Boats For The Winter Park

The opening of navigation has been steadily coming in and water spaces of the country soon flashed different boats, and other yahtochki swimming facilities. And in the best position among the lucky owners of these ships is the one who timely and properly prepared their small size craft for a long winter camp. So, maybe a few for the future, in this article we will give some tips on preparing boats for the winter. First of all, before getting to shore the vessel should be disarmed, that is, to remove from it all removed. A boat or a boat is usually recommended for winter quarters in a special room, placing them on wooden pads, keel blocks, or sled. Outdoors you can build a box or rack, dug into the ground. The distance from the earth must be at least half a meter – this will facilitate the repair and preventive maintenance. Lightweight Boats should be placed bottom up.

If you can not put a vessel into a closed room, it is desirable to make a canopy over it to protect from rain and snow. In a pinch you can cover your boat or boat cover of canvas or other dense tissue. Corps of metal vessels, you must first thoroughly cleaned, then clean the aluminum hull of the stains oxides, and steel – brushed metal from rusting. Open the metal would be good to cover for the winter a layer of primer, and if the weather permits, we do well and the whole body.

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