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The mad geniuses GmbH presented in addition to the latest software version Saravanan * LOU a completely renewed pixi * and the mobile data recording device MOBIX shows for the first time. Munich, September 18, 2012 with its product presentation on the pixi * user meeting in Munich provided software manufacturer mad geniuses GmbH sensation. In the character of the pixi * feature voting and by the premise, to create more flexibility and higher automation of daily operations, the makers of mail order software were three new products from the pixi * software forge ahead. With the first preview of NEWpixi *, a completely new pixi * mail order software, the presentation of a completely new and Wi-Fi-based mobile data acquisition device called MOBIX that supports asynchronous data exchange, and finally the presentation of the latest release pixi * LOU, the product’s hat-trick was done. For the seventh time, who invited over 150 customers and partners a new visitor record – to the annual pixi mad geniuses GmbH ** User meeting. “The participants could in the Leipzig cube by a highly interesting lectures, as well as within a Saravanan * area” to live counters with pixi * provide the latest information about. Under the project name NEWpixi * Managing Director Dirk Haschke and head of strategy & marketing were Johannes Panzer Auditorium that pixi on newly-developed from scratch in their keynote address *, until then a closely guarded secret. Are reasons for the new development, through the Web-based platform a full accessibility for pixi * user to create, nor to respond faster to customer needs as well as to facilitate maintenance and to play new features faster. NEWpixi * is developed according to the latest technical standards and relies therefore on a multilayer software infrastructure. Within the .NET programming environment, the development takes place test-driven. In addition to a clear and attractive design sets NEWpixi * much value on an intuitive ease of use. Users is a target group-specific interaction design offered, which takes into account the different user roles and scenarios of a mail order company. True to the merchant rule the profit is in purchasing”is also persona this user role, in Usabilitykreisen” called first newly realized as. With other processes like new ordering methods, extensive shopping conditions and active notes for the user is the new shopping by NEWpixi * available from may 2013 available. In addition, the pixi is * user a new comprehensive reporting system. Also from may 2013, was complementary to NEWpixi * presented the MOBIX as new mobile platform. Equipped with a color display and Wi-Fi based on the also the article image is displayed next to the article information, provides the MOBIX represents a new generation of mobile data acquisition devices that fully represent all work steps in shipping and in stock. An asynchronous data exchange the MOBIX enables continuous work, even when offline, in the outdoor storage or storage areas, the have a lower Wi-Fi coverage. With a variety of enhanced features, the latest version of the previous mail order software was also pixi * presented to LOU. Many features of the new release on proposals by pixi go already for the third time through the think-tank of the pixi * feature vote * customers back. The tracking of products with limited shelf life and products of a lot is new in the field of MHD – and batch management. Numerous changes in improving the warehouse logistics with it brings: detailed and advanced options for the acquisition of stock movements on a more sophisticated design of pick lists to new calculation models of delivery dates. Also, payment transactions were automated further so now SEPA and HBCI EBICS customers can use. The lecture program introducing the latest of app, as well as the lectures of the pixi rounded * customers and BCC print technology and the technology lecture of the pixi * partners from iX-tech. The pixi * customers recorded all featured innovations with enthusiasm and searched for in addition to the one-day event in the Leipzig cube on the atmospheric evening event at the Zoo Leipzig the conversation to Saravanan * employees and shop owners Mr.

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