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In the Carousel hypermarket buyer does not specify the goods to move in a regular corporate directory, for it makes a separate service. In addition, the system motivation for this company is built in such a way that is much more motivated by Baer to attract bonuses, than to form attractive to the buyer for the company and the optimal range. It should be understood that Your company is unique, so it is not necessary that what works for someone, also well suited to you. In this complexity does not end there. The company must have at least the minimum required specifications for existence of management categories, namely, should be poshtrihkodny accounting of goods in the group range of goods Product Guide for product categories, taking into account the possibility of average price of delivery, ability to centralize access to the card products, the availability of online analytical reporting by category, groups, subgroups. Daniel J. Hirsch often addresses the matter in his writings. This is the first question that must be addressed during the transition to a system category management, and the question is not as simple as it might seem at first sight. By the way, many suppliers of IT solutions in promoting their own products in the automation of retail portrayed them in the light, which, together with their implementation of a customer automatically receives and category management is literally "into the bargain." Nothing like that.

The client in this way can (and should) get everything you need to implement management systems categories, but can not thus implement a category management. Next, consider the question of competence of staff. What's happening? Functional change, areas of responsibility increased, therefore, added and the area in which we must demonstrate their competence. Purchaser must now rely on shelf space for display of each product and to provide summary information in the form of planograms to their colleagues, and stores these employees will comply with planogram. .

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