Profitable Niches On The Internet

The last post was about the fact that the Internet there are two major niches in which to make major money. Get all the facts and insights with Craig Menear, another great source of information. Now I want to tell you how this whole thing together into something unified. I'll show this for my favorite site, which provide free legal advice (well, yet they have ordered me to advertise once in the blog, remember?). So this site is a social network of lawyers. There you can ask a question, and those lawyers who are in This social network, you are responsible for it. If the answer to a question you do not receive or want to learn more something of interest to the problem, it can easily sign up to a lawyer paid for consultation and find out everything until the end.

Why is it done? It's very simple. If you still do not already know the person, then your website will not be much frequented, if you are there to advertise a paid service (eg, site, Pavel Astakhov, which makes it a Lebedeva, it makes no sense free services do). For this purpose, and provides free zamanuhi. If the first question is to establish and develop the site, then the second question is a pay site is in its promotion. The fact that the promotion of the site needs money.

But money is not at all. I think that this truth is understood by many. This means that we must seek some other means of promotion. Here you can go two ways.

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