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Most of the accidents, according to the statistics, due to arrivals car on a motorcycle. In most cases, the basis for this accident is that the driver of the car did not notice a motorcycle or noticed it too late. Because of its size, it seems that the motorcycle is at a greater distance from you than they really are, especially when you look at it from the front than it actually is. Often you can simply ignore. Most are accustomed to look through the eyes of an approaching car and not notice the motorcycle.

Try to be careful when you look and estimate the distance and the ability to maneuver, especially when looking in the rearview mirror. Often accidents occur when moving off from an intersection, or from side streets, parking places, a sharp rebuilding and maneuvering. If you see the motorcycle, which has the intention to overtake you, try not to interfere with him and did not make abrupt maneuvers. If you need to make a maneuver himself next to a motorcycle, which moves in the same direction Try to keep your distance. Keep your distance from him, leave him room for maneuver. The roads in our country, not just bad but horrible, and the rider may need space to avoid traffic or potholes potholes.

Do not push to the motorcycle at the side, because it limits its freedom of maneuver, and even more so do not try to go in parallel in the same row. Be especially careful when changing lanes. Trip on a motorcycle unite people and can often see groups of motorcycles. Try to remember this. Perhaps for a passing motorcycle you should be a few more. The level of training novice drivers are not always sufficiently high as among drivers of cars and motorcycles. Unfortunately the drivers of scooters with engine capacity up to 50 cubic centimeters, no learning took place and did not get a driver's license. Such is the standing situation, but it must be considered. Attentive and friendly attitude on the road will help preserve the health and lives of many of our compatriots. In any case, you will be grateful for correct behavior. Motorcyclists or motorists on the road we all have equal rights and nobody has an advantage in moving to each other. Author Ivanov av Propaganda Department ogibdd Primorsky region.

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